Scratch-off coupons for hand strengthening


Scratch-off coupons…I got a pile at Kohl’s one day with permission. I give my OT kids one and a coin and show them how they can use it to scratch off the silver stuff and tell me how much my coupon is for so I can go buy some clothes!!! I like it for a hand strengthening activity because they have to use quite a bit of pressure. I just noticed in this picture that my kid’s thumb is kind of hyperextended which is not ideal so I need to watch for that.

I saw somewhere on pinterest once where you can make your own scratch-off things and it looked cool but also like something that was too much work for me most of the time! I’d rather visit Kohl’s every once in a while, lol.


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Nov 10, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none

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