Seasonal feelings + start of week 2

Good first week, am definitely behind on blogging. Have a post going on pain tolerance but its still murky. Also haven’t forgotten my gerotranscendance and low vision seminar blog – I’m like two months behind on it – but it’s in a pile on my desk, it shant (that’s a weird word) be forgotten.

I have to admit I’m struggling a little bit – Fall is typically a very hard time of year for me and I have my good days and bad days dealing with some seasonal depression. Yesterday was very hard on me, today hasn’t been nearly as bad. I’m doing laundry and wrote up this poem – it’s a piece of crap but that’s okay – because it’s basically how I see the seasons. I’ve been getting daily poetry from the Writer’s Almanac (Garrison Keiller sp on NPR) and it’s like word candy to me so um, yeah. Anyway. I’ve got to go finish laundry, run some errands, get ready for tomorrow, blah blah blah, so I better go…I’ll probably post again tonight about expectations for this week – scary – when procrastinating. Click the read More to see the poem, don’t blame me if your optic nerve shrinks.


Some call her Autumn

She peeks around the corner

embraced with open arms

Come in, come in! Stay!

Pumpkins and turkey and family holidays

Chilly nights, hot cocoa and cider

Rosy apples & crisp cheeks.

Her husband is Fall; Aptly named

He arrives; my sanity departs.

A perfect inverse correlation

Unable to focus on Autumn’s kindly warmth

I am too distracted by his morose accessories

He is Foreboding; Gray

His incessant rain a smothering blanket

An army of red, yellow, purple marching

A flamboyant pride parade

Mocking in their colorful suicide

Leaves plummet

So does my mood




Panic rises as the sun sets

Earlier and

earlier each day.

It has not been a nice trip

See you next Fall


Banging, banging, banging

Winter barges in

I grudgingly accept; there was no choice

Landscape barren and deeply frigid

Mother Nature with an empty womb

Naked trees in nudist colonies

Everything exposed

I am Winter Alice in Wonderland

Bewildered; grimly desperate

Forging on;

Feeling nuts

But not berries.

Hibernation a constant craving shhhh

Sleeping away the harshness


Tiptoes quietly

Has a gentle pulse

Bringing along her favorite 4-letter word:


New beginnings a cliché

But that’s why it’s true

Hey little buds; glad you’re finally arrived

Thawing warming growing

Popping up like prairie dogs

A crocheted blanket of blossoms

Prissily sashaying in the wind

Winter has left the building.


Timorous blossoms fading way

Into Verdant maturity

Says the thesaurus.

Mannerly trees sternly chiding

the riotous kudzu.

Informing Kermit it’s easy to be green

Drinks of sunshine and lemonade

Children and cicadas shrieking with joy

Darkness a distant memory

Baking in the sunshine

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