Second Life for "Gimps"

Cookie Gimp writes…

Have you noticed on YouTube there is a video of an OT dept/faculty (I think based in PA) that has an office in Second Life? If you don’t know what Second Life is, you probably should look it up in wikipedia first. It’s a fictional world but more and more services and people have a presence in Second Life. You might want to post about this. On a different but related note, there is a Second Life economy (i.e. I am not into this but apparently one can create a business in SL and earn money that you can convert into real money) and some “severely” disabled people that are not easily employable in the real world are engaging in SL businesses and gaining independence that way. That raises an incredible number of ethical questions but there’s no question gimps have always been empowered by computers (I have met most of my exes that way). I mean disability is easily transcended by computers. But my main objective was just to let you know about this and maybe you should get your OT faculty to create a Second Life site.

Hey Cookie Gimp…Second Life has definitely been in the news a lot lately for reasons such as what you posted…it can definitely open up new worlds for people. Unfortunately I’m not smart enough for it. My one or two exposures led me to frustration and a bunch of naked dancing avatars. I guess I should try again…lol

PS: I still feel bad saying “gimp”!!

Jun 02, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1

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