seriously?! :::cries:: Calling my beloved social media OTs….last chance

C'mon, y'all, SOME of you SURELY have answers to at least one or more of these questions!! I -and the world – want to hear!! It may end up in an article and even if it doesn't it's some good food for thought 🙂 I need answers before Thursday morning!!  I'm about to answer them myself. 🙂

Questions for Social Media article


How do you use social media in your practice of OT?


Do you think social media is a good thing for the profession? Why or why not?


What benefits has social media had for you as an OT? If you can provide an example of how social media has helped you, please do!

What drawbacks has it had? If you can provide an example here, please do!


For someone just getting started using social media as part of their career as an OT, what advice would you give them?

Nov 29, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 6