Shelby's Quest: Promo Code Giveaway

UPDATE 10/31/12: Congratulations to Nichole who won this promo code for Shelby’s Quest, chosen via random number generator at 🙂 
I will try to have a giveaway each weekday of this week. Each one will last for a week. So today’s Monday giveaway, Shelby’s Quest (iPad app) will last until Monday, October 29th, 9:00pm Pacific. Please submit one comment saying why you would like to have Shelby’s Quest and enough information that I can contact you, and/or you will need to check back. I will be using a random number generator (ie if there is 41 comments I’d give it the number 41 and it randomly chooses a number 1-41), to determine the winner.

I was given a free copy of Shelby’s Quest to review, and one free promo code to give to you all (it will be a code you receive that allows you to download it for free). So sometime in the next 7 days, comment on why you would like to try out this app! 🙂 
Here is the information on this app, part of an e-mail sent to me by Kami: 
– It was developed by Kami Bible, an occupational therapist in a school district in Washington State.
-The main character is a lovable labradoodle named Shelby
-This app is a therapy tool that focuses on fine motor and visual perceptual skills for young children and special needs students. 
-The best feature is its ability to track data on multiple children or student profiles. 
-You can view the demo video on YouTube at

See it at the App Store:

Reviews of Shelby’s Quest so far:

-Video review by at
-OTsWithApps at

I’m not ready to do a full review yet because I haven’t been able to use it much, but I liked what I saw! 🙂
All giveaway contests will last one week:
Monday: Shelby’s Quest
Tuesday: PointScribe
Wednesday: Morphology Junior
Thursday: PenAgain (this one will be through me, so someone else can get a chance to try them out – they sent me some for free last year)
Friday: Miss Awesomeness style! Some colored lava paper and a few other small items that I use a lot and love. Kind of random and silly. 🙂

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