Shout-outs to my new readers and to my newly arrogant self

Shout-outs to new readers who have de-lurked and made some comments or sent e-mails (THANK YOU!!! I love delurkers!!)

Bernard – a precious rare male looking into starting OT school. We’ve exchanged several e-mails and I think he’ll be great. I very much hope he starts that journey soon!

Mama Chill – she just started OT school and has young children, wish her luck. She said in a recent comment she managed to snag “The Healing Heart” by Ora Ruggles based one of my previous blog posts, and that she loved it. I was so happy to hear it, and also jealous she owns it. Her blog is linked on my sidebar. MamaChill – I will warn you that orientation can be overwhelming and that the first month or so may seem a little boring at times when the professors pound the definition and conceptual background of “occupation” into your head a thousand times. But keep your chin up, it gets way better once you get past that basic information. Also, don’t let gross anatomy get you down – use mnemonics, keep up, study hard, you’ll be fine.

Lady of Musotopia – she is in OT school in another country and sounds really fascinating. She mentioned she makes more “qualitative” observations now, which I thought was pretty neat. She also agrees your priorities shift a lot once you start OT school.

Ryn Tales – this is a blog linked on my sidebar and it is by a mom who has a daughter with CP. She is a wonderful writer and she gives GREAT insight into the world of CP, I highly recommend her blog to see the parental standpoint of therapy. She has written me some sweet and helpful e-mails recently about her thoughts on some of my posts, and I really appreciate it.

Burt – thanks for refreshing my stock of toilet paper. It truly was, as he pointed out, a story of “The Princess and TP”

Merrolee – also linked on sidebar- not a new reader but I consider her my OT blogging mentor and we’ve recently had some chats via Gmail that have been inspiring.

Everyone else who comments (Sarah, Suzy, Arnie, Scott, and many others): Thank you so much for your support and kindness! I really love it.

My own shout-outs! I’m trying to become arrogant instead of self-deprecating…

I submitted a Top 10 list to the Disability Blog Carnival hosted by David at For my submission he posted: “Karen, an occupational therapy student and new blogger is stepping into a new world. She shares her love of her new career and learning through reading disability bloggers, “I realize, again via these blogs, that non-compliance has less to do with the client being stubborn and more to do with me not fully understanding their true needs.” Yes!! You are on your way.” (See, Anita, I did retain our lectures on the OPPM)

Joshua, a recruiter over at CollegeCare, posted my tips for Newbie OT students (also linked on sidebar at way bottom) – that was so cool! See it at


My stats are going up – this is really exciting to me. I’m also getting more comments and more e-mails. I’m happy because while I blog to get out my thoughts, I also very much want it to benefit others who are exploring the field of occupational therapy. E-mail or comment anytime, I promise I’ll love you forever.

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