Simmering down now….

So I got into bed around 320am last night, and around 330am there was the gigantic crash as the objects of my mud-room self-imploded, unfortunately this is where the litterbox is, so I couldn't just let it stay that way or Lester would have had to navigate an avalanche to go potty, so it was a fun way to spend the middle of the night, LOL. Not to mention there is a door in the mudroom so at first I was like ROBBERS ARE HERE TO KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL boo.

I got a ton done and my mood is much improved over yesterday, Lester is purring like a goosey delicious lionberry over next to me…gonna go to post office, to get my brake light fixed, and maybe another few stops before working like gas station, walgreen's……so better get ready.

Thanks for putting up with the drama of last few days, I think I'm ready to “simmah down now”.

Aug 21, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none