I volunteered at a local pediatric hospital this morning doing WEE-FIM. Then had a Health care class. And then an awesome CPR/AED certification course needed for our Level II projects.

He told us about how the pads for the AED just need to be in a way that its a straight line to heart and I had this great idea that if you only had one set of pads and two people that needed it, you could like position them side by side, then put one pad on each person so that it zaps them both, but he said that wouldn't work, I was bummed. I thought it was brilliant. Oh well.

Tomorrow involves research talks regarding our Tai Chi paper,  health care policy class, and God knows what else. I should probably check on that. Oh yeah, and working, and getting to go with a friend to start the process of picking out a kitty. And laundry, oh the laundry.

Hopefully a good day, minus the whole laundry part.

As always, I hope more occupational therapy goodness runs through my blood tomorrow…I'm not feeling it tonight! I just have time to go to bed blood running through me right now.

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