Slow morning

This morning I had to be here at 9am. We had two kids – brothers, scheduled, but transportation didn't show up, so my OT caught up on writing up evals for Medicaid. We also dealt with a mini carpet emergency. A kid knocked over a “Snoezelen” like thing – a big pole thing that contains water and fake fish and lights up – and soaked the brand new carpeting as well as stuff within the OT room. This happened late last afternoon after OTs were gone- the kid wasn't even supposed to be in there, he was there for a speech appointment. So this morning the OT and I and the apologetic speech therapist dragged the carpet outside and draped it over tables to dry and avoid mildew. Anyway….we have six kids scheduled between 130 and 7pm so I guess the afternoon will make up for the slow morning- I mostly read a book on play therapy for abused kids while sitting by my OT writing up the old evals, and then from noonish to 1ish (now) I just went to a BBQ place and read….la la la la

Jul 01, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none