Smooth day…caramelloooooo

Today went smoothly, included a home visit with  two cousins in one rural town (the grandma had just finished mopping the floors so we sat them in their outdoor swings with TV trays…but since it's on a farm both little boys were really distracted by “wacter, wacter” (tractors). Then lunch, then two evals with an early intervention coordinator – one at a trailer park, one at a health department, in another town. On the way back the lines of cars for gas was incredible. A little scary. Glad my neighbor got me to fill up late last night.

Now going to rest a while. More later this weekend, including a special, by-request, post, on why all y'all students need to go to Conclave, along with a link to Megan's video of reasons to go… 🙂 And then y'all can be inspired and go have a wonderful time, and think of me weeping quietly and rocking in a dark corner, jealous as can be of all the wonderful experiences you can have there. Hmm, so I have to think, based on last year's conclave, what the best parts were…

Next week, Week 12, is my final week. We have a new full-time OT starting Monday, and I don't really have any kids on the schedule (although I know by virtue of chaos I'll end up with a few at the last minute), because I have a TONNNNNNNNNNN of paperwork to finalize…..writing up a one page proposal for a psychosocial fieldwork placement that would be supervised with my OT, doing up a mileage chart/direction binder for all our home visits, finalizing an autism brochure, writing up the 8 evals + some plans of cares plus some other old evals/plans of care, finishing up addendums for Medicaid, and the list goes on and on 🙂 But I like stuff like that!! So I'm happy!

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