Smooth day…wait it was rather crazy…..oh well, still smooth by my new standards :)

Today was a smooth good day overall, had two home visits with our blind babies go well, then had a session with two little boys and it was the first time it wasn't stressful to me to have two at once, went well as well, ………saw them barefoot while my shoes/socks dried as the sidewalk was so flooded at the housing facilities we were doing the home visit at……now that I think about it, it's hilarious that a “smooth day” involves my shoes getting flooded, plus we did an eval at Head-Start that was a big chaotic issue, long story….plus I drove my OT's car back in the rain because she forgot her purse (ie no license with her) and realized it after we got down there….plus we met up with some early intervention workers……plus my OT and I went over my midterm in the car on way back since realistically car-time was the only time we would have to do it…Ahahaha so my standards of “smooth” have changed drastically because I say it was a smooth day then realize that most people would have said it was crazy. 🙂

Maybe more later but I'm so tired and with the rain I'm thinking I might just lay down with Lester (my lion kitty!!). I'm kinda having a rough night, I just cried to Allison on the phone but don't have a good reason why, just very sad. Maybe a little nap with my ugly baby kitty will make me feel better, I'm sure sleep-deprivation is part of it. I'm gonna put my phone on silent! Time for Lester and Mommy time!

Aug 20, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none