Today, I shattered a mirror, ran over a butterfly, spilled my (expensive!) Chia seeds, and willfully ate gluten (I was dying for Japanese and it is in the soy sauce and possibly other hidden items as well)……I had a semi quiet day at clinic as 3 people cancelled last minute and I got to eat out twice, which is a very rare occurrence these days, so in some days it was good, but I AM SO FREAKING TIRED right now….its 10pm and I should go to sleep but I dont waaaanntttt tooooooo but I am tirrrrreddddddd sooooo I musssstttt……..things I've been pondering lately include bilateral activities for kids with mild hemiplegia, strengthening of hand muscles for weak children, when to discharge patients with burns, WHY INSURANCE SUCKS SO MUCH for SO MANY PEOPLE, etc etc 🙂 I always have SO MUCH i want to share, but somehow always it doesn't get blogged about as often as it should. Also pondering writing up another piece to submit to OT Practice about the first year as a practitioner….but who are we kidding ahahaa.

bedtime. thanks all for the really kind and/or helpful comments y'all have been leaving. always makes my heart glow!!

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