Some AWESOME men Rehab OT ideas from a good friend

When I was helping out in physical rehab in the rural Deep South, it was often challenging for me to find ways to engage the men! One of my good friends, who happens to be a man from the South, sent me these ideas. Like two years ago. I love them ALL. 🙂 Now I am sharing with my blog with only minimal editing! He was meant to be an OT! It's too bad we can't bring in fake guns but I am sure that is a no no at any place. The laser refers to (probably, if my memory serves me right) doing something along the lines of fitting patient with a hand or arm weight, taping a laser light to it, and allowing them to point at a target with it. Gotta be careful about not getting it in anyone's eyes though.

As always, try any of this at your own risk! Consider insurance of your work, liability issues, etc.

Mail 1: Would they like outdoor magazines?  Would your organization allow hunting and fishing magazines?  Can they accept them if they are free?  There is a forum called Georgia Outdoors or Georgia Outdoor Network – can't remember right now.  If it didn't upset your bosses you could join it and ask for magazines, I think you would get a bazillion. 

Also could you take patients on field trips?  Shooting ranges often invite special needs shooters in for free days.  I don't know but I bet there are a lot of ranges in GA. 

On simple stuff, the laser taped to the hand weights is a really good idea.  LEDs could also work over a short range. 

Mail 2:
1.  On the weekends go to the various car dealerships in the area.  Get brochures of trucks, SUVs,cars, everything. You can cut up the catalogs, glue the pictures to index cards, and use them for sorting activities, guessing games (what kind of car is this?).  I bet you could even come up with card games. 

You are in the heart of NASCAR country.  You could also do the same with drivers, racing teams, cars, factories.
You could also do the same thing with football teams.

2. Go to Walmart and get a couple of the Popiel Pocket Fisherman fishing rods.  If y'all don't have the funds for buying stuff, I bet you can ask among the employees (Do y'all have an on campus BBS for lost and found, want ads, etc?) for a couple of old fishing rods.  Tie a washer or other weight on the end of the line.  Go to food service, get some large buckets, like pickle buckets.  Let the guys cast the weights into the buckets.  Sort of like fishing.  Maybe a better outdoor, springtime activity.

3.  Get a couple of old golf clubs (putters) and some big cups.  Put put time. 

4. Get a large piece of poster board and about two dozen large steel washers (about 1 to 1&1/2 inch diameter).  On the poster board mark lines every five inches.  Put designs on washers such as there are 6 different designs or colors on four washers each.   In other words, you come up with 4 red washers, 4 green washers, etc.

Place posterboard on floor with lines parallel to wall.  Have participants toss washers from appropriate distance.  Person with washer closest to wall wins.  Can be done standing, sitting left or right handed, etc.  Watch this one though – chance of gambling occurring.

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