Some days I'm an awesome OT, some days not so much…but it's all in my head

I think I was meant to do talk-OT and not hands-on OT! Once I start touching them I'm so scared! Yesterday I had hands-on session: stressed out. Today I had talk session about energy conservation, joint protection, chronic pain management, basic adaptive equipment: AWESOME session with patient saying things like 'This is EXACTLY what I've been needing!” So yesterday's feelings of “I'm so incompetent” were replaced with “I'm so awesomely competent”. Until next time when it may flip flop again. Ah the joys and fears of new practitioner-hood!!

Tommorow is an all day meeting for outpatient! These days I'm outpatient 3 days a week, vocational rehab two mornings a week, and inpatient two afternoons a week….with occasional small changes here/there. So I'm learning a lot of diversity definitely! 🙂

I'm REALLY starting to think about getting back into the blogging routine of reflecting on daily work…..except with lots of safeguards in place to make sure things stay HIPPA/employment safe. I feel compelled to reflect!

I missed early registration for conference even though I do plan on going. I couldn''t sign up for AOTA membership without having to submit my NBCOT certification and fill out a real application, since I am a new practitioner. which is SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. It WAS willing to let me re-sign up as a student and I pondered this heavily as it was tempting to do that, sign up for conference, then fix the mistake, so that I could have gotten the early registration fee….but ethics won over I so I didn't. But man was it tempting. Ugh.  So….guess I have to go spend a bunch of time digging up NBCOT file etc, then pay full price for conference, BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!! If I didn't want to go so bad I'd just be like screw it, it's so not worth the hassle!! But AOTA needs support, support AOTA and be a member, but bug them to change the new practitioner sign up method! 🙂

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