some manly OT ideas?

When dealing with manly patients who like hunting, shooting – and a gym filled with things NOT like that – need ideas on manly man stuff. The rec therapist printed out some trivia questions on manly stuff like motorcycles of a guy who like that stuff, then we worked on standing endurance and quizzed him on manly trivia….the idea below is copy/pasted from a friend of mine. Other ideas?

 Would, for example, he enjoy outdoor magazines?  I am wracking my brain for outdoorsy stuff.  There is a deer hunting video game.  I'll keep thinking.  Is there a range nearby and does he have relatives or friends who could check him out and take him?  One idea – get a three pound hand weight, rubberband a sharpened pencil to it with the point pointing straight up.  Put a six inch circle on the wall and have him hold it in one hand (or both hands) and raise it extended to eye level.  See if he can hold it for 15 seconds, put down and then repeat.  Mocks getting a sight picture and shooting a revolver.”

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