Some random e-mail things to share

It seems like I’m always behind…I’m catching up on e-mails right now and I’m too lazy/time-constrained to make this very good, but here is stuff to share.

My friend Arnie left these two comments on some of my blogs and both cracked me up.

“A woman with no arms lived in the neighborhood where I raised my kids.
It was fascinating to watch her light cigarettes with her feet at the
neighborhood pool.

I love her advice: “Try not to be a dead person.” Come to think of it,
that’s pretty good advice for everyday living, not just emergency

Cheryl left the following validating (and scary, lol) comment on my rant on how uncomfortable the backboard was.
“backboards are *incredibly* uncomfortable- a lesson well learned in
lifeguard training. The other lesson from lifeguarding was what you
found out- that the emergency personnel may not know exactly what they
are doing 100% of the time, which could definitely kill you. scary.”


I had an e-mail exchange with a woman named Julia Fox Garrison, who wrote “Don’t Leave me This Way”, and her journey of being a young woman who has a stroke and how she deals with her journey toward healing. Unfortunately she had many bad experiences with rehab professionals, and I wrote her after reading it last week and told her how sorry I was that she had such negative encounters, and that OT is soo much more than that. Go read it! She wrote a nice response and I’m enclosing a clip because it has good advice.

Karen, please strive to keep that passion and compassion you have for your

profession. Remember the simplest gestures are what are remembered. I never

forgot the nurse who fed me a bagel from the nurses station or the aid who

sang to me.

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