Some random tidbits and now for my journal

From Runner's World Magazine:

Oscar Pistorius is a double amputee from South Africa who wanted to be in the Olympics but the IAAF says his prosthetic legs give him an advantage….well maybe in some ways (like independent studies showed he has to expend less energy overall) but the pain tolerance needed to run on those legs, has to be STAGGERING….I personally think the DISadvantages of running with prosthetic legs are enough that it counter-attacks any advantages, but I dunno. Just thought it was interesting to think about…

Random observation:

I picked up a sample of Chewy Tubes – “Oral Motor Device to develop biting” – while at AOTA conference. The other day the SLP (speech therapist) put some rice cereal on it to allow our little baby that is deaf/blind, start working on real food, as well as lose some of her oral motor defensiveness. It was neat to watch the baby experiment with this pliable thing in her mouth. She tolerated it very well.

I have a book I stole from Mom called “C D B” that is really more geared at adults, but I think it can be helpful in OT, and I in fact used it with my visual perceptual girl today, on some of the easier pieces…just to see how quickly she could recognize/read the letters. I even got a few smiles from her 🙂 It's a book using just major letters – like, for example, the first page shows a person looking at a bumble bee, saying,

C D B – D B S A B-Z B.

Here is my friend's country version of C D B, lol, he had to read it to me with a thick accent the other day and I already forget how to interpret some of it:
L I 8

Animalia is another awesome book for visual perception but it's again more geared at older kids or adults….each page has its own letter of the alphabet, and the pages are breathtakingly done, filled with HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of items starting with that letter…it ranges from the basics – like a butterfly for B – to very obscure items starting with B that only a really smart person would even know the name of. It's pretty awesome….I love it.

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