"Sometimes I think I'm the Lord himself"

One last little story from Friday.

One of my men with dementia who is very self confident (I think to hide insecurity though), seemed MORE so than normal during group Friday…he would say confidently, I can do anything, I can do everything, I am unique because I pick things up so fast….sometimes I think I am the Lord himself”. It was interesting because I was having him do a placemat copy and he did a HORRENDOUS job but seemed to think it was perfect. I didn't ruin his illusion, lol.

That seemed like a slight escalation in behavior so I let the nurse know he was being rather grandiose at a higher level than before. That was before lunch. After lunch, I came back, and he had had a mini outburst, ranting and preaching to another patient, and had to be sedated. Guess he'll still be there Monday, lol.

Jan 19, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none