sooo behind on blogging

and dealing with comments. I haven't put links up but wanted to copy paste this old comment for help with conquering/handling NBCOT! THANKS JULIE – Hey, are you the one from South Africa that I talked with like, years ago? 🙂

Hi Karen, My friend and I have started a blog primarily aimed at helping US and international OT students with the NBCOT and then what happens after. Our blog is available at

It would be so so great if you could check it out and place a link to our blog on your website so that it comes up when people search for it. As an international OT, I learnt a lot along the way about the NBCOT process and work visas and licencing and I really want to impart that knowledge to others because I believe there is a need for it. Your blog really helped me and inspired me to start my own.

Jul 21, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2