sooo tired

Today I was at work from eight to four, went to the gym, went to meet Doug at a Mexican restaurant out east near the gym, went to Kerri/Brent's, and now it is only eight thirty but I am exhausted. Which isn't cool because technically I have a lot of OT-related things I should be doing. But all I want to do is sleeeep. So I'm going to shower and go to bed intensely early and I'm an old lady at heart, what can I say, yo.

My anxiety level/panic levels at work are subsiding…but I still don't like the feeling of not knowing what exactly to do!! Time, practice, experience, blah blah. I need to call my supervisor at this next fieldwork since it's six weeks out. Craziness.

Lester the Lion Kitty is noisily grooming himself, he is very ADL oriented.

One day soon I swear I'll deal with all my OT and Facebook OT stuff.

Gooood nighttt

Nov 18, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none