Soporific somnolence surly satiation I dunno this post is randomly boring

This post has very little to do with OT but y’all will survive. Sorry Mom, don’t fuss at me for being unprofessional, I already know.

I took my friend Sarah, who just turned 18, to Nashville this weekend to visit some good friends, my ex-roommate Suzanne and her husband Arnie. We were going to leave Friday but weather prevented that. We left Saturday morning, got there in time to meet them for lunch, and then shopped at like thrift stores. The highlight of our road trip was a rest stop in Bucksnort, Tennessee…I ended up with a t-shirt. Because seriously. Everyone needs a T-shirt with a buck on it that says Bucksnort, Tennessee. Especially a Californian girl.

Anyway, Arnie made us a yummy dinner that night while I tried not to fall asleep on everyone!! I’m old and tired.

Sunday, Sarah and I worked on projects and then we all headed downtown to the Farmer’s Market. About 50 miles outside of Memphis on the way home, my check engine light came on, FUN. Luckily nothing bad happened and I’ll have it checked out tomorrow. Sarah is a smart cookie and she reads my blog and she walks around saying crap like “Don’t be so orally/tactilely defensive.” She is going into biomedical engineering but I think she has a career as an OT since she picks up the talk so easily!

We are both currently obsessed with sugar gliders since well, what’s better than the Australian version of an emo flying squirrel?!!?!! Nothing? Exactly my point.

We got to see the edited 10 minute version of the Miss OTPF pageant on Friday at the beginning of famed Orli’s Low Vision presentation, which was interesting. There is apparently a lot of controversy and problems in the world of low vision in terms of education and insurance reimbursement.

We don’t have a lot of classes left…just working on professional development evaluations, and the research presentation/poster, and stuff like that. And I bought Murderball and look forward to seeing it.

I want to write a post soon about the Terri Schiavo case…the more I read about it in preparation for tomorrow’s presentation, the more concerned I am about how it all played out, the role of rehab, and how it could have/should have played a much more significant role than it did in the trials. Occupational therapy is brought up quite a bit but only in a certain way and well I will save my rants for another post. Like after I give tomorrow’s presentation.

I am just kind of typing out all the random things in my head..letting the trapped words flutter away so I can have some peace…I had a good time with everyone in Nashville but also glad to be back in Memphis. Have lots of stuff planned to keep me busy and things are mostly looking up! The sun is emerging, at least in a figurative sense considering it’s 10:30pm and if the sun were to come out now it would probably mean the end of the world had come, in which case a Left Behind scenario might play out and that would kinda suck. A lot.

One more exceptionally random thing…I’ve spent a lot of time the last two days at, which is not your typical hoax page….you answer vocabulary multiple choice questions and they donate free rice to people. It’s win-win since well, I’m a freak when it comes to vocabulary. I love it a little too much. But my recall these days is horrific, so mostly it’s a matter of recognition and I’m like WOW I AM GOOD! Go check it out and beat my personal all-time level high of 41.

Pretty soon I’ll be like Flowers for Algernon or whatever where I’m the dude Charlie who becomes a genius vocab-wise due to a crazy experiment, and then I’ll stop playing it because it’s so easy and then I’ll forget everything because the experiment fails, and be cognitively challenged again but know enough to know what I’ve lost, so I’ll be unhappy and that’s sad. Kinda like how I was all like, hooty-tooty right before GREs with all my vocab flash cards (I knew INSANE!!! words!!!!), and now I just remember that I used to be kinda smart!

I’m totally going to bed now. This post was soporific. Sorry.

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