Sorry for such a long hiatus

Things have not been great here, so I haven’t had the energy to post in a long time. I presented at conference and that’s kind of the last of my OT passion I have had for a while, but I do know I fundamentally love my profession and just need to find that inner sparkle again. I blogged for six years straight so I guess a little break from blogging isn’t the end of the world. Summer starts soon so that will be a good time to try to focus on the blog again, and get my children’s book illustrated so I can publish! One thing I recently learned about that I had never thought about is using a LABELMAKER for kids who struggle with handwriting. A friend told me she has a child with tremors, and she has him use a labelmaker when he has to label a worksheet. He thinks its super fun and then he gets to participate in the activity with less stress.

Have any of you tried that? What did you think? I thought this was brilliant and was ashamed I hadn’t thought of it earlier, as I’m guessing other OTs have been smart enough to try it! 
Jun 09, 2013 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 5