Sorry, no real post today, but I once again can survive occupational therapy school

Haha, I contradict myself by saying there is no post yet this is a post. Am I hilarious or what?

Anyway, today was interesting and included a 3 hour session on a $22,000 dollar Biometrics system that lets you play games using like any part of your body! I played a spaceship shooting game using my cheek muscles! It was freaky!

I've decided to apply for the TOTA scholarship and at least apply to AOTA's ASD, it's statistically unlikely I'll get it but I can try, right?

I'm feeling less overwhelmed but still have a lot to do! So I better get crackalackin, so I just wanted to say, I'm doing better, classes are hard but surviveable, and I'll try to post more this weekend about the media lab, Biometrics, our first feeding lab, a technology lab, Reiki, and more! Occupational Therapy Paradise I tell you!

I also had some really deep thought today that I told myself I'd post and now I can't remember it but rest assured, it was deep. The thought is probably lying in China right now it's so deep. So check back.

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