Sounds like…you need an OT (sings)

I'm turning into an occupational therapist. Slowly but surely. Tonight at dinner I found out one of my friends had crushed his hand in an automobile accident and had an “erector set” around it. I immediately thought of external fixation, and then asked about his range of motion and which bones specifically were damaged. Also, I have a screen door that I usually have to prop open with one leg while I work on the real door. Today I was like “I'm externally rotating my leg to do this.” Or I hold a baby and end up automatically checking the baby's tone, trunk and neck control, conjugate gaze, sensory defensiveness, and reflexes.

Every time I see someone do something weird or awkward or just plain wrong, I'm thinking, “You need some OT!!”

Dear Abby & all those other advice columnists always have people write in about their woes, and I just really wish Abby would be like, “Your grandma is not doing so great living alone? Get an OT, yo. It will make your life better!”

So far, no luck.

Ok, I have to get back to my trunk extension, butt weight-bearing, leg extending, gaze-focusing,  now. In other words, sitting around relaxing for an hour before I work!

Oct 06, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none