Spelling words for OT


Today I worked on spelling words with a kid while working on his ocular motor skills. We had a metronome set at 60 bpm. He’d see the word and we’d do it together to the beat, ie b, o, n, e. Then I’d take the card away and he’d repeat it, b, o, n, e without seeing it that time. It’s nice to do ocular motor work with a metronome while also using the academic piece of sight words or spelling words. In this case a teacher showed me this list and I quickly took a snap shot so I could reference it later. I am using my iPhone a lot these days for digital reminders.

Also, for the metronome, I haven’t googled the “evidence” but anecdotally and via mentors I have spoken to, having a metronome on at 60 bpm is very calming and coordinating for the brain, for SOME kids. If you’re a person – or have a kid – where you start the metronome and the kid finds it super annoying, then use it sparingly, just for spelling words or something. But if you have a child who doesn’t really care or pay attention to the metronome, by all means leave it on to play in the background while the child is working.

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Oct 25, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none