SpongeBob washing + OT month in Times Square!

Basically I am going through months of mail including newsletters, emails from former co-workers, blog comments, e-mails, etc, hence the massive posts right now as I try to clear through the mailbox – I still have 76 new mails + over a 1,000 to go through. 🙁 Anyway, two random bits

1) During this month (OT MONTH! APRIL IS OT MONTH!), Times Square in NYC is running an advertisement for OT EVERY HOUR! That is CRAZY! Have any of you seen this? 🙂 Definitely high-def.

2) A former-coworker/supervisor/physical therapist wrote me to tell me that one of my OT ideas is still a hit for the child to do while in PT! I got a turkey baster from the dollar store, filled a bin with water, and then the child “washes” SpongeBob using the turkey baster – I had a SpongeBob PotatoHead that likes to be washed! I left him in my former clinic because he was so popular. Anyway – so – idea – have the child use a turkey baster to “wash” their favorite toy. It works on the child's hand strength and a little on sequencing – so it can be an OT tool by itself, or it can turn into a PT tool if the child is using it as an engrossing activity while working on standing/kneeling/whatever! 🙂

Apr 13, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none