Spring break fever…

Spring break starts next weekend and I’m glad about that, because I desperately need a break. This last month or so has been rough! It’s all I can do to go to work each day. I’m so tired. On the weekends I’m doing very little besides sleeping most of the day and then all night too! I just can’t seem to get enough rest. Just worn out. I think I’m starting to burn out. I’ve been warned this would happen. I just hoped it wouldn’t happen so soon, seeing as how I’m only in my third year of being an OT, and my second year in the schools. I’m behind on everything – my blog, my e-mails, cleaning, etc. Sleep (as a form of escape) wins every time. I’m keeping up with my work but at the expense of everything else. So I’m hoping with the spring break it will be rejuvenating (I have a good friend visiting) and I’ll take some deep breaths and be ready to face the world again and be a little less broken down! Especially since I normally love blogging about OT and it makes me feel bereft to NOT be OT blogging!! I thought about coming here and writing some random airy note but I decided to be real. I’m struggling. But I’m trying to climb out of the hole I’m in. I love OT, I know I love OT, but I I’m currently lacking the energy to embrace it the way I normally do on this blog!! Here’s hoping I find it soon. 🙂 

Mar 25, 2013 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 3

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