Stick a fork in this blog, it's done for the night

K…38 emails related to OT to deal with still, but am slowly catching up!! Of course I need to catch up on reading OT blogs too, and all my OT Practice and AJOTs too! I'm behind on LIFE, OT and otherwise!!! Right now I'm reading the book Suite Francaise and I watched two episodes of Desperate Housewives tonight so when I say I'm behind on life it's pretty self-inflicted, but come on, ya gotta have your leisure (which in my opinion means doing stuff that has absolutely no productive value) to have your balance of occupations….

It's almost 1am so I guess I'm going to go to sleep now. Tomorrow should be a relatively normal and slowish day – a few knee patients, a few deconditioned and stroke patients, a co-tx or two….let's see how it goes! I'm going to try and go to the gym afterwards too since I slacked off big time today.

Thursday I will be taking a fieldtrip to the next-door inpt rehab hospital and spending the entire day there 🙂 Should be cool to see how pts I remember from acute care, are doing, now that they are improving in a rehab hospital!

The grammar in this entire post is atrocious. I apologize. Well not really. Kinda.

Nov 19, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none