Still in Norway

I visited my little host “niece”'s daycare yesterday and gave the staff there a mini informal presentation of a lot of stuff they can be aware of to help their little ones develop fine motor skills…they are actually awesome here in Norway about staying true to children's developmental levels, ie they don't expect FOUR YEAR OLDs to be in our American version of kindergarten or even five year olds. More like six year olds. I have been accumulating TOYS for my OT kids – when I see something new and cool I buy it for next year. I have not gotten ANY presents or ANY souvenirs for ANYONE, including myself, EXCEPT tons of OT toys, because that is all that interests me! I looove my job and my kids! I am having fun playing with lots of “neurotypical” children as A) of course it's fun, but B) it also helps me compare better where MY OT kids are.

I obviously am not so good at blogging when halfway across the world, but one of these days I will catch up!

Jul 05, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1