still searching for OT job in La Jolla CA :)

Well on Thursday night I start my road trip with a friend across the country….with appropriate stops each night, including a stop at the Grand Canyon if all goes as planned, ie no car breakdowns….then a few days each in Las Vegas and Death Valley to celebrate my grandfather's 80th, then to San Diego, then flying overnight to San Francisco area for a day and a half, then back to San Diego…then about 10 days later headed to South America for six weeks! Still need to be working on networking/sending out resumes/searching for an occupational therapist job to start like January 2nd!! Still hoping for peds but I've got a few comments about other places- appreciate it. Sorry so quiet – been busy preparing to move. I always think of things I want to share and then by the time I get to it its all faded away!! Ugh!!! I wish I could get back to rambling!! ahahaha


Sep 29, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 3