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I had a bunch of readers today too, according to 🙂

I can’t figure out why some days have so many more readers than others! Grrr! Somebody enlighten me! I beg of you!

I wrote THREEEEEEEEE entries yesterday so you should all pretend I wrote one Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, because I don’t have much to say this weekend – it’s not a bad upcoming week, but the week after that I have a test Monday and Tuesday and then I lead group on Wednesday (AUGH AUGH AUGH), so I need to be good about not procrastinating!

The last few days have been a lot of fun – Wednesday night I spent the night at Brooke’s aunt’s house along with Allison to study for a test, and Thursday night I got to go to the Memphis Pizza Cafe and then go see the movie Star Dust (really good!) with some friends to celebrate their son’s 13th birthday.

Conversation the 13 year-old and I had:
Me: Hey kid, guess what?
Him: What?
Me: The girls in my class think I’m smart.
Him: :::laughs hysterically::::

Today I worked out, went to Easy Way for some fruit, visited my friend’s house to feed their chickens/cats/turtles, napped, went to Costco and Wal-mart during a lovely storm and got soaked, then went to a friend’s house for dinner. They made salad, beef stew, and then watermelon for dessert and it was wonderful. I had a lot of fun with them. They also provided me with a bunch of food as well as some TOILET PAPER!!!!!!!!!! based on a post a few days ago I wrote that said I was on my last roll of toilet paper and would probably forget to buy more until it was too late because I’m so busy with OT stuff! AHAHAHAA!

Tomorrow I am working out, studying, meeting my wonderful OT friend Virginia, and spending time with a non-OT friend. Yay, fun weekend!

Hey, one last thing – today at Costco there was a mom with her little girl in a tilt-back wheelchair, and I was realizing that I’m slowly being able to recognize more components of wheelchairs based on our lectures/labs! It’s cool to think one day I’ll see someone zooming across the street in a power wheelchair or wheeling themselves up a curb and know exactly what is going on!!

Ok this ends my stream of conciousness. You know you love it. (See, I’m working on not being self-deprecating as my goal for Group, is it working yet?)

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