Student comments re OT that made me laugh and/or are awesome……

Jamie is a second year OT at UTMB and commented….”I love reading your blog because I think

our curriculum seems to overlap at times. I love to

read what your thinking but on most days, it’s what

I’m thinking… professional development

evals–come on lets get serious?!” ……AHAHAHAHAAHA

Amen sister! I love you Jamie! And I mean that seriously, in a non-serious way.

Paulette is an an upcoming university

senior ….She wrote me and explained that she is “extremely interested in going to OT

graduate school. I just learned of the profession 2

months ago however so what I know about OT is what

I’ve been able to glean from the internet (Your

blog included!) I’ve always been interested in the

health-care field but I’ve finally feel like I’ve

found my niche in OT as it really seems to

emphasize the holistic and creative nature of

individual care that I really like. I will most

likely have a year between college and graduate

school to work and finish the prerequisites so I’d

like to really familiarize myself with the field.

I was wondering if you have a list of literature

you’d recommend? Fiction, non-fiction, etc.

Love your blog, keep up the good work :)”

I told her she should try for the Healing Heart by John Carlova…The Out of Sync Child…and that she should hit up the health section of her library and read any autobiography/biography of anything she finds there…any other suggestions? I’m sure I’m missing some biggies, obviously. Good luck Paulette!!

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