Surprise surprise

Today I babysat all day…a little boy whose brother was at camp…he is obsessed with the Zelda Ocarina of Time game…which I have NEVER played before two days ago…and he is only six so his understanding is limited as well…but together we got somewhat far, mostly because I shamelessly used friends Kerri & Brent., who are good at these things.

 I tried to get him to go to the pool and stuff but he was pretty single-minded, wanting to get further in this game. We did make a run to my house where he let fishes suck on his fingers in the pond, and stopped at Home Depot to get keys made..other than that, home all day. Miss Kerri came around 2pm for a while to help him out with the game which is really nice.

One of the few times I coaxed him away for a break ended up being quite a success. We cut up blank pieces of paper into squares…then wrote silly things on them for family members. I wrote some, and he dictated some to me which I wrote down, and he decorated them all. Things completely ridiculous, like “Dear Bob, You are my Friend, Love, Mr. Tootlepops”….completely silly things. We then hid them all over the house, including about 10 in the brother's room, devoted to him. When he got home, he was THRILLED to find them all and read them all, laughing hysterically… he loved it. We'll probably repeat the experience tomorrow. I made sure the hiding was kept to surface areas so there wasn't any safety or snooping hazards, but it might still take a while to get them all! I once wrote a bunch of notes to Kerri & Brent from their cat that I was cat-sitting…I hid those more thoroughly though. LOL. I am highly amused by this practice. It's probably not that funny. ::sober look::

I ended up staying late to spend time with them and then met Brooke…we got ice cream and met my friend Christa and her doggie, woot, then we rented the worst movie in the entire world – I've wanted to watch it for like years cuz of my job that involved kids chatting about HSM endlessly and I never knew what they were talking about – it's like their Gone with the Wind. ANYWAY…now Beautiful Girls is on, and I did my dishes and Brooke is chilling on my foam bag watching the movie while I get ready to go shower…..I think tomorrow will be fun….I also get to see my friend Sarah and her family…they are soooo sweet to me. And I better pack for being gone for 20 days!!!!!!!!! Aughhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday I drive to Nashville and stay with my friends Suzy and Arnie and meet another friend for dinner….Thursday morning I fly out to San Diego.

And my first two OT fieldworks are up in the air now, contract issues! Fieldwork coordinator is on the ball, but still! OMG! Augh! Somebody get me a Xanax prescription stat. Or a subscription. A weekly one. Ha. Ha.

Overall……ups and downs, but it's been a fun time……..

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