Tai Chi Cha Cha Cha

Today Julie and I got a whole bunch of Tai Chi assessments done at the Assisted Living Facility. We got some help from a new research assistant so we got to go a little faster with the extra pair of hands. There were two we could have done today but both participants felt ornery and decided to wait. Since it's voluntary I could not force them or argue, so I only smiled and nodded, but I wanted to be like, “By you picking an alternate date, you're costing me another $4 in gas, an hour of driving time, and 20 minutes of set-up, set-down time, on top of the time needed to actually do the assessment. Thanks. I appreciate that extra few hours of time and extra money. Especially while most of my classmates are sitting by the pool. HAVE A NICE DAY!” LOL. Especially to the lady who promised three different times today she'd come, and fell through each time. We'll call on Monday before coming back to verify they will in fact do the assessments.

It's fine though overall…especially since almost everyone is so nice and caring. My favorite answer today was when Julie asked a lady if she had osteoporosis and she said “I don't know, do I?”…I loved it. LOL.

This afternoon I also stopped by the mechanics to question a warranty claim since I just found out that federal emission standards through EPA make like warranties that say things like catalytic converters that go out before 8 years/80,000 miles are covered. Or something like that, it's confusing. Then I went to school to pick up some things/print a thing or two. Then I read an entire fictional book about a religious cult. Then I slept. Then my friends Kerri and Brent came over and brought me a Sonic Reeses Blast because they are the most awesome people in the world…they texted and said they were bored and could they come over while I worked. I said sure!! I was thrilled, because I was somewhat expecting Allison and her fiancee to come over tonight and that didn't end up working out (it will work out some other day this weekend). Right after that I got another text about hanging out but had to turn it down. Woot. By the way, Kerri and Brent brought THEIR KITTY WITH THEM! I love their kitty Oxford sooo much it hurts. It was the first time a kitty has been in the house since I had my beloved Nikki put down about a year and a half ago. 🙁 Oxford sniffed around a while and by midnight, Kerri and Kitty were asleep on my giant foambag, while Brent helped me set up a fingerprint sensor on my laptop! And reset up my graphics tablet! And crap like that, he is awesome! I am blessed to have such nice friends. They just left around 12:45am.

Tomorrow morning I get up early to prepare and then go to Sarah's high school graduation + reception + who knows…

Sunday I watch Allison's triathlon, go to a birthday lunch for my landlord, volunteer at a alzheimer's picnic, and babysit, and possibly have friends over…

Monday I have to go back to the Assisted Living facility…::screams:: and then my PDE is at 4pm.

I better finish my PDE soon…lol.

Research poster revisions, PDE finishing (About half-way there), plus the collaborative diversity paper…then I can focus on my own non-OT writing plus work on my special blog project…

I think I'm going to go to bed to read until I fall asleep. Which, will probably be, around 3am or later, based on my current crazy sleep schedule. In the morning when it's time to get ready for graduation I'll be like “I'm going to get up early to flat iron my hair and put on nice make up….wait let me snooze ten more mins…who cares if I don't flat iron….ok snooze ten more minutes…who cares if I don't do my hair at all….snooze…who cares if I wear nice makeup…snooze…and so on.” lol . Funny how priorities change when tired…

I've gotten some really kind and inspiring comments lately..please keep them up as they mean a lot to me…I am 78 mails behind on e-mail as is the daily story of my life, so bear with me if you don't have a response to something yet.

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