Tai Chi, Tai Chi, Tai Chi…OT, OT, OT

My research group had a meeting today on our Tai Chii study, and then we had a really interesting OT class on “physiological changes in aging” today by an RN/PhD, and then we had a Tai-Chi introduction by a very experienced Tai Chi instructor (who happened to be the lecturer as well). I plan to write TONS more because I jotted down a bunch of stuff to share, but I will be gone at social events most of the night, so just in case, I leave you with OTS Katy's pre-impression of Tai Chi. I wish I had a picture of her post-impression, but unfortunately Tai Chi training doesn't lend itself well to pictures since the flash/noise are distracting. Boo!! It was neat though.

I gotta rest my eyes – I just tried a light box for the first time (to combat SAD) and it caused some eyestrain. I stupidly stared STRAIGHT into the box as I turned it on for the first time, and I saw rows and rows of blue dots for like 10 minutes afterwards no matter what I looked at! You are only supposed to use it at your periphery, so at an angle. So. That was a long story to say bye for now but I have lots to share soon!! Gerontological gems once again yo!


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