The aliens want OT

I'm writing this from outer space. A few weeks ago, aliens came down and said that the only way they would leave peacefully without pulling “Independence Day” stunts was if occupational therapy students would go back to their home planet with them. You see, they observed our entire planet, and got jealous because these aliens have a lot of anatomical deformities that could helped with adaptive devices and home modifications. Of course, they wanted occupational therapy students that were enthusiastic and motivated – (cough the exact kind of OT students that would be great in the Assembly of Student Delegates Steering Commitee cough). So they flew here in their ultrared infrared maaxlox V30202 space cruiser and picked us up. They were nice enough to snap a Polaroid shot of our terrified faces because they had learned we liked photo documentation through their observations. Now we're used to this alien lifestyle, and we've made a ton of changes for them, and they say we can come home around February 20th, the last day AOTA student members can vote.

Jan 22, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 3

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