The Amazing Breadth of Occupational Therapy!

As occupational therapists, we are so lucky to have training that allows us to to help any person of any age and with any issue, by addressing the factors that are hindering their ability to participate as fully as possible in their own life! OTs learn to analyze the spectrum of possibility and then help the supposed impossibles become possible.

Here are some of the areas we work in:

OT & Schools (children in any grade who need services for their particular issue…sensory, handwriting, fine motor, visual motor, regulation, tolerance, executive functioning…)

OT & Mental Health (of any age after mental health challenges become apparent, helping with independent living, tolerance, regulation…)

OT & Pediatrics (children of any age and any diagnosis)

OT & Acute Care (immediate care after acute issue)

OT & Inpatient rehabilitation (regaining function in a facility after hospital stay for any issue…)

OT & Outpatient (helping huge variety of issues)

OT & Vocational Rehab (for first time, back to work, or finding new work…)

OT & Driving (getting on or back on the road, safety…)

OT & Hands (trigger finger, lateral epicondylitis, accidents, burns…)

OT & Feeding (children and adults with special needs)

OT & Neurology (strokes and multiple sclerosis…..)

OT & Orthopedics (hip and knee and much more…)

OT & Chronic Disease (diabetes, lung diseases, pain syndromes…)

OT & Military (amputations, PTSD and much more…)

OT & Trauma (burns, pain management, catastrophic injuries…)

OT & Health and Wellness (joint protection, ergonomics, energy conservation, self-care, empowerment, fall prevention…)

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