The AOTA wants YOU!

There is a scarcity of OT blogs in the blogosphere right now, and it is time to change that. The OT profession could get a lot more visibility if there was an active OT presence in the medical blog world. Right now doctors, nurses, specialists, and therapists (as well their students) have a large active medical blog community that provides a lot of people with insight into their professions. Occupational therapists deserve to be there as well.

Here are some of my favorite medical blogs:
(These sites have tons of links to medical-field blogs as well)

Here are a some of my favorite blogs about disabilities:
(Both their sites have tons of links to disability-based blogs)

I’ve also put a ton of blogs on my sidebar, please check them out!

Please note that if you choose to start your own blog, you need to be careful about patient anonymity for ethical and legal reasons. Also, while right now I have a readership of zero since nobody is aware of the existence of this blog, feel free to e-mail me your “guest entries” so I can post them for you!

PS: My photoshop skills aren’t the best…
PS2: AOTA didn’t give me permission to use their name, so hopefully they won’t sue me for being silly.

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