The Arrogance Rollercoaster + Lots of Labs

I’m exhausted, which means I can’t sleep. I have a bunch of labs to write about and I am realizing that for blogging traffic purposes, it is best if I submit about 10 mini posts on different labs then write one really really really long one like I typically do. So that’s what I’m fixin’ to do. Guess I’ve been in the South too long when I start using that term! That’s right, I’m in Tennessee. I’m outing myself as a University of Tennessee Health Science Center (Memphis) MOT student. Those of you who found me through OT Practice already knew that. Those of you that didn’t, well, please don’t stalk me. I have bodyguards.

I said yesterday I’m applying for the TOTA (Tennessee Occupational Therapy Assocation) scholarship and ASD Steering Committee. Yesterday I was arrogant. Today, after looking more closely at the application and thinking about the staggering odds (at least for ASD), I am humble and scared. It’s funny how your confidence levels can rise & plummet so much in just 24 hours. I still plan to do it though, rejection is good for skin-thickening.

I’ve also decided that while I refuse to give up my stream-of-consciousness stressed postings, I’m also going to try and write slightly more concisely/formally the rest of the time. I’ll still be incredibly random though, oh look a ladybug on a camel.

So. Enough blibbly-blabbering. Let us commence with the concise verbal descriptions and stunning pictorial evidence of our most recent labs.

Here is the outline (all of this took place this week!)
1. Kinesiotaping – Technique
2. Reiki – Technique
3. Origami Boxes – Media Lab
4. Feeding Lab
5. Biometrics
6. Augmentative Communication/Adaptive Technology Lab

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