The Blue Ghost or Starfish :)

Me and one of my little OT guys having a “proprioception” break – I was encouraging the starfish look so he could get some resistance into his hands before we started writing. Most of my kids LOVE this thing! 🙂 It’s essentially a Lycra body sock, you climb in (the slit is in the back in this case on this day – for safety it’s ideal if the slit is in the front and that they don’t cover their head, although they can breathe/see pretty well through this one). I prefer my kids be super-covered in their occupational therapy sessions and I monitor them closely but as always, safety comes first so use at your own discretion and with safety awareness. Anyway. Blue ghosts or blue starfishes, awesome. Also, a lot of kids lose some of their inhibitions with this on. Some of my shy, quiet kids get super giggly and extroverted while wearing this thing. The “mask” phenomenon I guess. 🙂 Nice to see. 

Oct 02, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none