The Dance of the Prosthetic Arm Fairy

Yesterday we watched a video on bilateral amputees in preparation for a visit by an amputee we have coming up. We saw amputees with their different types of arms or hooks picking up coins, pennies, tying shoes, etc. It was AMAZING. This morning, as I slowly woke up to my light-brightening alarm clock, I literally had visions of prosthetic arms dancing through my dreams. Then Alarm 2 went off, then Alarm 3, and then my cell phone alarm (4) went off. I need 4 alarms and it is still only by the grace of God I've rarely turned off all 4 and kept sleeping. So I got up, thinking that some days I can hardly believe this is my life, that of an occupational therapist student, in the health care field, seeing and hearing all sorts of bizarre stuff, and then having corresponding dreams!

Got to bed around midnight instead of 10pm. Oops. Just had my fat-free yogurt & GoLean Crunch and took my supplements while I read my e-mail, Facebook, and newfound RSS feeds which include all my OT blogger friends. Gotta go brush my teeth and otherwise prepare for classes now. Boo. Not as overwhelmed as yesterday, but still tired and a little overwhelmed. Let's hope today is a better day.

As Ryan Seacrest would say…..over and out. Or maybe that's a policeman. I forget. Whatever, I give up! My neurons have revolted!

Sep 11, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none

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