The days are going by too quick…

Today was a long day, class from 8 to 5. We had to do our presentations on various receptors (Yay Ruffini, you cutaneous encapsulated mechanoreceptor you…). Then we had four hours of lecture on Group Therapy. I continue to get more and more excited and also scared about Group. The number one thing I need to work on, right this second, is being self-deprecating to a pathological degree! I’m driving everyone nuts but I can’t help it! I’d rather shoot myself down than let other people do it. Anyway. I regress. We then had a guest orthopedic surgeon resident come in and give us a lecture on amputations and fractures. We saw some gruesome pictures. The surgeon pointed out that there is a big difference in the needs of people who have undergone traumatic versus vascular amputations. For example, an old man with diabetes who loses his leg due to circulation issues is going to have different expectations than a 22 year old athlete who was in a bad car accident.

I didn’t sleep very well last night, and since I had to work until midnight and then be up around 6ish, well, yeah, I was tired. As fascinating as the orthopedic surgeon was, I had a hard time staying awake. I then met a friend to go work out (on the track and then twenty minutes of really, really bad tennis), then stopped at another friend’s house to learn how to take care of their cats, turtles, & chickens this weekend while they are gone, then came back to my house to water the landlord’s plants while they are out of town as well, then showered and am now eating dinner (gotta love frozen dinners) while writing this!

We haven’t been in class even 2 weeks and I already have a 3-inch ring binder (we’re talking like 700 pages here) stuffed to the brim that barely even fits in my backpack. I have about 30 different e-mails of presentations/notes I need to print out and I am scared that it is going to overflow the binder. While most of the notes are supposed to last us all semester, it’s still scary! I say that because I am staring at my binder right now in a mixture of repulsion and awe. Mostly repulsion.

So, I need to go see what I need to read for tomorrow and prep my stuff. It’s already 9pm and I’m just now sitting down, where does the time go????????

Tomorrow and Friday should be easier days, so I am hoping (I’m full of empty promises) that I’ll eventually write a post of prosperity and merit! Ok not really. Maybe at least I’ll add the two new OT blogs I found to my sidebar (Hi Cathy and Set a Man on Fire).

Good night.

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