The end of the week draws neigh, or whatever that means…

Yay, it’s already Thursday. I’m going to try and be quick tonight since I need to make up a Powerpoint on a Ruffini receptor and I am tired.

Basically we learned more about visitable & accessible environments in our “Perspectives of Adult Development” class, then had an introduction to our new class of Research Project design, then I went to a faculty/student meeting, and then we had class on wheelchair mobility/acessibility/design. All the classes (well ok, research is kind of dry to me but whatever) were really and truly fascinating. You wouldn’t think it would be interesting to learn about pressure points in different types of wheelchair seatings, but it really was. Sorry to keep beating dead horses, but in the recent book “Miracles Happen” about the vent-dependent quad who graduated from Harvard, one of the main things that almost kept her from graduating was a bad pressure sore that wouldn’t heal.

Then Allison & I headed to a local pediatric hospital to learn more about a big affair they are throwing for their Rehab kids, since some of our class members will be helping adapt some typical carnival games for those kids, who vary in ability. Then we headed to the gym and thought we would be taking a spinning class, but we got the time wrong. So we ended up doing 20 minutes of yoga with (I’m sorry) a really inexperienced, therefore not so great, instructor. At one point somebody farted (I mean tooted) and I thought Allison and I were going to die trying not to laugh hysterically. I had to stop looking at her and I cried laughing. For like the second time this week. I think Allison is bad for me since she keeps making me laugh at inappropriate times! Anyway, it was fun. We finished our workout, I headed home to shower/eat, and now somehow it’s like already 930pm! It’s craziness!

Tomorrow we get to actually take wheelchairs outside to experiment with navigating on curbs/ramps etc and get a feel for them, and we also have our first woodworking class. I’m nervous, I totally don’t know what to expect and I’d kinda like to not saw off my hands. I have really, really, pathologically-poor visuospatial abilities, and I’ve never cut or drawn a straight line in my life, so I am concerned I’ll be BAD at this. It makes me sad because I want to be more like Ora Ruggles and be like, amazing at everything.

Oh, and the coolest news yet – I might get to do my specialty 3-month level II fieldwork in vestibular rehab! That sounds so exciting! If anyone has any good resources or has done vestibular rehab before, please share your thoughts.

Ok, sorry no pictures and just a boring post today, what can I say…I’ll try to come up with something amazing for this weekend, and by amazing I mean “slightly more interesting than my typical boring post”.


PS: My current favorite quote by another OT student during one of our dramas, in true George Orwell fashion: “It’s not that we don’t like each other, it’s just that we like some people more than others!”…
PS2: I just realized this post is insanely long just like the rest of my posts even though I promised I’d be quick. What can I say…

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