The final week 12, Day 3….

Tomorrow is my last day in the normal clinic – Friday we just do home visits around rural Mississippi. I'm really going to miss my co-workers and (many but not all) kids 🙂 Everyone has been sooo nice to me and I really appreciate it. I STILL plan to do a goodbye party post, but I am waiting until I take pics of the stuff I got. So probably this weekend since the next few days I need to focus on finishing up paperwork!

As of today we are fully caught up on evals/plans of cares [goals] – except for some certain early intervention kids but we don't have the folders right now, so it's out of my control. It's awesome we're caught up on all that though. Tomorrow things need to be signed so it can all be submitted, but whoah, what an accomplishment – we've been behind for 3 months straight!

We had our new OT, Sue, start Monday, and she has been an OT longer than I've been alive. We're all learning a lot from her. She does a lot of hands-on stuff where she manipulates the child's body to help brain and body development, and we're like OOOOOOOOOOOOOH AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH….lol. She's awesome.

This week I've seen some kids for a while to help out, but mostly have worked on paperwork to get things caught up. Still have a LOT to do though tomorrow – hope things don't get too crazy at the clinic since I could really use the entire time to finish up the stuff they'd like!

Tonight I met Allison for pancakes (and to work on our post-fieldwork forms), plus we walked on track a while – it's probably the last time I can see her in Memphis. She'll be around until Friday but tomorrow night I'm babysitting in a semi-emergency situation so I couldn't do it then. My co-workers invited me out too for Thursday night – why is it some nights there is nothing, but other times you get like 3 invites for the same day? LOL

I know I've ranted at times about things over the last 3 months, and I definitely work more than a lot of my classmates, but overall it's been a good experience considering how awesome everyone is. I've definitely learned a lot and have increased confidence, hopefully I can carry that over to this next intimidating rotation of an acute care hospital!

Ooh…I have to tell y'all one story before I go to bed. Coming up.

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