The Grinch That Stole Blogmas….

Hoo-ha, I am SO SUPER CLEVER. Look at that title. Amazing.

Just kidding, I’m stupid. Or rather,as my twin sister likes to remind me, I’m a “dumblebee” (you have to pronounce it like bumble). 
With the holidays has come chaos, and poor grammar, but I think this upcoming week (I have one more week off) will bring blog magic as I catch up on reviews etc.
Recent question asked by a sophomore in college who wants to go into OT school: “Can I start setting up volunteer/internship/observation experiences now for my graduate school application, or is it too early?”
Answer: It’s not too early to START, but it’s way too early to FINISH. If you want to start getting in your hours and experiences, GO FOR IT…the earlier the better, for your application, to show a long history. But if you think you can whip them all out soon and get it over with…. it will not look good.
So start accumulating experiences…just don’t stop 🙂 
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