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I saw that AOTA (the American Occupational Therapy Association) posted a link to one of the blog entries done by the Inspired Treehouse,

I checked it out and I loved it. It’s done by several OTs and a PT. Great quick tips. Go see and revel in their awesomeness. 🙂

In other super obvious news, I’ve been neglecting the blog lately. And Twitter. Mostly active on Facebook at lately. We’ve had an interesting topic being discussed over there, about productivity units and ethics and how the two typically don’t mix as it pertains to high quality of care.

I’ve had a lot going on in personal life and unfortunately the blog has been somewhat on back burner. Today I spent over three hours tangled in phone trees (guess i need an inspired treehouse) and I was practically in tears near the end of that time as it was quite a frustrating experience. My favorite phone tree is the one that is a pain to navigate, then tells you when you finally get to the right place, that the maximum number of people are on hold right then and to try again later. Which I did. Four times. And a few times a few days ago as well. Augh. I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a hold of someone at that business.

I’m looking forward to doing some fun blog posts on some Melissa & Doug items that they sent me to try out and write about, and a few other items such as the Spot It game, Ark items, etc.
As long-term readers know I’ve been in the elementary schools for 3 years…now I’m not, and I have several 2-year-olds and several 4-year-olds I’m seeing. I had forgotten how tiring the littlest ones are!

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