The Kitchen Sink Frame of Reference & Other Random Resources

Caption: My sister and I chilling out in a kitchen sink

So…to close out this blog blitz with an alliterative bang, I was going to write an article on Frames of Reference and how it applies to Occupational Therapy….but then I got a wild hare or hair…I'm not sure which…and decided to search on Google first.

Lo and behold, there is a great basic resource for FOR at

It talks about what Frames of Reference are…and how each frame of reference (biomechanical, developmental, etc etc) can provide a different theoretical framework to approach the problem.

There is one Frame of Reference that is missing though. While walking to the parking garage one day, some of us were talking about how we should have a “Miscellaneous” FOR when nothing else seems to fit. We decided it should be called “The Kitchen-Sink Frame of Reference”. That's even funnier than it sounds, because there is a girl in the class whose married name is Kitchens, and another girl whose maiden name was Sink. Fitting, huh. Are you dying laughing? Take a deep breath, it's going to be okay.

Also, I just did some sleuthery and found out if you go to    you have access to ALL the units, because this is an Online Intro to OT course! Pretty cool!

While I'm on my website frenzy….AOTA may bite me for this but I think it's open to all… if you go to, then click Student, then click on Handouts for Conclave…there are some great Powerpoints to download there too about a variety of things.

Ok…I'm done. I've crossed off all my blogging goals on my to-do list for a few days…now I can focus on more boring stuff like packing.

But, seeing as how I am Miss Procrastination, I forgot to tell you guys about my PDEs! One last post, I promise.

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