The "Love Potato" : Quick and easy OT Valentines Day Craft

Last night I said I wasn’t a good OT because I wasn’t going to do any Valentines Day Crafts with my kids. I perused Valentines Day stuff on Pinterest, and kept seeing the same things over and over again. Lots of hearts, lots of candy, lots of red. It just all looked the same to me. The only thing that even remotely interested me was lovebug stuff. Lots of it was super cute and awesome, I’m just a weirdo. So I made the executive decision that (some of) my OT kids are going to make love potatoes. That’s right. We’re going to cut out potatoes, put up to 9 googly eyes on it, and handwrite “I only have eyes for you, Be my Valentine?”…..because come on. Who else gets a love potato? It will be unique. 

I included a picture of my sample above! Inside it says “Dear Mom, I have eyes only for you. Be my Valentine? Love, Kid” 

The kids have to fold, cut, glue, deal with googley eyes, trace, copy, handwrite, etc…so a lot of great OT components. I can “grade” the activity (not give it an A or an F, but meaning make it harder or easier) depending on the kid’s ability level). IE maybe do some of the cutting or writing for them. I have at least a few kids I’d like to do this with. And I think the googley eyes part is what will sell it to them, haha. 

Today’s Facebook status was: 

May or may not have gotten under a table today with an upset student to meet them at their level. May or may not have made “love potatoes” today with googly eyes with a kid. May or may not have sung (only by request) a made-up song about a kid swinging to space on a blue hot dog rocket.

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