The OT world loves Brooke & Karen. So does Andy Warhol.

It was 1963. Karen and Brooke were but negative 20 year old twinkles in their parents eyeballs. Yet they already knew, way before they were ever born, that they were destined to become famous OTs. When finally born in in the late 1970s (Brooke) and early 1980s (Karen), they set on their path to OT famedom. They helped save the world many times over. Especially with their hard work for the Assembly of Student Delegates Steering Committee in the 2009-ish times. They were so inspiring that Andy Warhol used time travel to do his amazing artwork using their faces. Because Andy Warhol loved OTs. Just like everyone else should.  We should note that due to how the time-space continuum works, if Brooke and Karen are in fact not elected to ASD, the world may crumple in on itself and turn into a massive black hole. So. Perhaps people (and by people, we mean AOTA student members) should go vote for us within the next month.

Jan 21, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1