The story of my occupationally not so therapeutic weekend

The more you know, the more you know you don't know.

I've read a ton of articles over the years on how having so much information at our fingertips can be damaging in some respects. We have access to so many things, and so much of it is contradictory, that it is possible to get frustrated and confused on a regular basis. I'm always surprised at people who speak with conviction on things, because I know just enough to know that there is very little in this world that is 100% for sure. I sometimes take that to an extreme and tend to have a questioning attitude on everything. I know a tiny bit about a lot of things, but rarely do I know enough to be positive about something.

I'm working on a case study for our pediatric occupational therapy class. I've been looking up toys that are appropriate for children with cerebral palsy, and I was amazed by the number of websites I found with good ideas. It's hard to pick and choose, and it's also hard to find the time to look through the websites as carefully as I'd like. As I was going through them I was thinking “Oh gosh, this one I should print out for the class, “this one I should print out for a resource binder”, “this one I should show my professor” etc. And then I don't take those extra steps because more and more great resources pop up and I just can't seem to choose!

I've spent the last 3 hours or so working on projects and now I'm taking yet another mini break. I think I'm going to go walking in a minute for some fresh air and sunshine and cardiovascular activity, then get back to work a few hours before calling a few friends and then visiting some other friends. And then back to work again. I don't normally work this much in a weekend, but we are pretty overloaded with work right now. The class is pretty much as overwhelmed as it is possible to get. It doesn't help that I am working on scholarship applications, leadership applications, and writing student articles! That is my own choice though, so I can't complain. With any luck, all my work this weekend will mean that I can mostly just relax next weekend!

Scroll down to read about all the great labs we've had in occupational therapy school this past week, my blog for Monday night will be on the Biometrics Lab and Augmentative Communication/Adapted Technology.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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